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  5. "El momento"

"El momento"

Translation:The moment

March 4, 2013



I thought they were trying to trick me into saying el momento so I guessed la momento thinking it was one of those weird words that are the opposite gender. I lost! boo hooo hooo.


Wish rest of spanish was este facil


You'll probably see this as making your point, but...

"Este" means “this" as in this particular one. “Este facil" makes no sense in Spanish, because you are translating an “Englishism" if you word for word.

If you translate for meaning, “as easy" or “so easy" you get words such as “tan" “Tan facil" This isn't really because Spanish is so much more difficult. English is crazy weird to people whose first language is something else.


Did you know that a moment is actually a fraction of time? It's 90 seconds. So when you say you''ll be back in a moment what you're saying is that you'll be back in 90 seconds. ;D


Maybe that was true in the past, but I think the meaning has changed.

These days, "a moment" mainly just means "a relatively short, unspecified amount of time".

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