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I think DuoLingo may have tweaked the decay/strengthen/fluency algorithms again--quietly

In the last few days I've noticed that strengthening seems to be a bit faster and skill decay MIGHT be a little slower. I've also seen my 'fluency' go up 4 points although all I've been doing is refreshing some skills in the upper portion of the French tree.

June 9, 2017



Frankly, I've decided not to bother keeping skills gold: I don't have the time to keep up with the present rate of decay, I'd rather progress down the tree.


So... they fixed the insane decay !?




I think It might have slowed down a little... sigh My tree is still a mess though and I can't seem to catch up.


I'm a long way from catching up as well, but maybe there's some reason for hope that we will.


You're tree's not completely a mess! It's only 1/8 of a mess! Or 1/4, if you think about it...


lol thanks for the encouragement. I guess mine must be less than half a mess anyway perhaps about 1/4. ;)


Do you mean tweaked again since the gems update? I'm nerdy enough to keep track of my XP over time and there has been a spike in decay since the gems update but nothing that would rule out random chance. I'll keep monitoring to see if things calm down.


> a spike in decay since the gems update but nothing that would rule out random chance

Multiple people are reporting this, so not really random chance.


I'm not on an app, so the 'gems' stuff isn't directly applicable to me, though it is possible other changes were made simultaneously.


I came on here to post the same topic, only in my case the change is much more noticeable, and I really like it!

When I started DuoLingo 55 days ago, I tested out on 20% fluency, which dropped fast and by day four it was 2%. Not really an encouraging way to start a course, but I soon learned from the forum that fluency was a broken feature, so I just ignored it. I tried to keep my tree golden, but as I progressed it got more difficult; in the last couple of weeks, I noticed it became nearly impossible. It got so bad, that at times even when I only had to fill one tab of the skill to make it gold, and made no mistakes in the test, it still stayed unstrengthened!

While I tried to ignore all that and just use DuoLingo for learning French, regardless of how well the algorithms worked, I did notice I got less and less motivated to really keep up and progress. It's rather annoying to watch all the skill orbs and then guess from the picture which skills really need strengthening, while knowing that even at a 100% score there's no improvement marked, and being stuck in "strengthening" the basics when testing from the main page.

And then..... day 53 happened!

In the morning I did the strengthen skills test from the main page, and my fluency percentage went up. (It had been stuck at 2% al this time.) I tested some more, and not only did the fluency shoot up at nearly every test I did, but sometimes several skills were strengthened at once too, and to gold status. I kept making tests, and gilded up my whole tree to the point where I'm in the course, while my fluency went up to 24%. Yesterday only two skills had dropped a bit, which was taken care of with one test, and then I could continue the lessons of a new skill orb. This morning my whole tree was still golden, fluency 29%.

I find it way more enjoyable to learn French on a medium that gives me the feeling I'm actually progressing. And I also enjoy the more complex sentences I get to practice now on the main page test to strengthen skills.

So I hope the owl takes note, this gives me a more enjoyable and more encouraging learning experience, which means I'm inclined to use this site more, not less.

And if they're after getting more active use of their page for advertising purposes, I could also suggest improving the "words" section, which is at the moment so jumbled, unrealistic and unusable that I never use it, while there is great potential there.


I think 'testing out' of levels confuses the fluency algorithm.


Sounds like a poorly implemented A/B test might have come to an end! Indeed, the fluency meter doesn't measure what it purports to, but it's supposed to go up and down in a somewhat cognizable manner in accord with practicing, learning new things, or lack thereof.

I'd briefly caution you, though, that it can be the case that even several strengthenings don't improve a skill's strength, particularly if it has gotten significantly decayed. And the Words tab is indeed something of a hopeless jumble. It's widely known to be buggy. Most languages don't even have it, and I think they're trying to get people to use TinyCards instead of the creaking flashcard implementation.


i noticed that too


i think that its a bug thats spreading first it was the Italian features and now its french


I noticed the same in my German tree. I just went from fluency around 2% to fluency around 7% with ten exercises. Anyway I'm a new user so I don't have much to compare it with.


I peaked at about 47% when I finished and gilded my French tree, it's been going down slowly since then. It had dropped to 36% earlier this week, but moved up to 41% over the last few days, though I'm not doing much more this week than I did last week.


And this morning it moved up to 43%


I always work from the bottom of the tree for regilding. In the past two days, for the first time since the "major changes", I have been able to go halfway up my Dutch & French trees ... I feel hopeful in hitting gold :)

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