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"I am a middle school student."


June 9, 2017



If it helps anyone remember, the kanji 中 means "middle" or "inside" kind of, so think of as the schooling between elementary and high school


As a comparison: 小学 = literally small/little school.


By the way when does school bigin in your country?

School begins in Japan in April. Some people in government insist in they should change in October as same as the U.S. and Europe. But the cherry blossoms are full bloom in April. Our memories of admission and graduation ceremonies can not be separated from the views of many of these flowers. And I pray that they will not change.


Awesome and beautiful! I'd like to see those trees one day.

In Guatemala we begin on January and finish on October. This way holydays of Chirstmas, New Year and "El día de todos los santos" match with school vacations (also my birhtday does


It seems the period of holidays very rational. I believe the landscape of Guatemala is fascinating as well. "El día de todos los santos" is special event in Guatemala? interesting :D


Thank you! :D I like our landscape. And I got amused when I knew other countries landscape; at the beginning by seeing U.S. TV shows, because there children go to the beach on vacations and here we have cold on vacactions. Hahaha It didn't make sense.

"El día de todos los Santos". It is pretty special! It's when we remember beloved ones who haved passed away. It's also known as "El día de los muertos" and Mexico makes it a great party too.


Thank you. I get the interesting knowledge. :D


in Indonesia, tahun ajaran baru (the begining of school) start in July. We don't have spring, summer, autumn, or winter.


I didn't know previously that the beginning of school is different each country.


Here in Canada it begins in September but in the same way I have such fond memories of school starting when the air starts to cool down and the trees all start to change colour.


Here in Poland it begins in September, not in October. I don’t know how is it for the rest of Europe though.


I see. Are you Snufkin?


[16/01/18] Here in Brazil, we begin on January-February and finish on November-December, it depends on school to school and we have a little vacation on the end of june to begin of july to celebrate "São João".


All the countries in the south hemisphere start the school year in the beginning of the year (February)?


Almost In Argentina yes


In NZ school starts in January or February for primary, intermediate and high school and February for polytech. March for university. 2 semesters divided into 4 terms - primary, intermediate and high school all have two weeks holiday at the end of each term and at the end of the year school generally finishes often a few days or sometimes a week before Christmas and then school is off for usually 6 weeks over the summer. End of year differs for senior high school, polytech and University students depending on exams. High school exams for senior students are usually November to the first week of December. While exams for uni students is usually October to early November.


In India, School begins in June and ends in March/April, Academic Calendar (So we get vacations in Summer - It gets unbearably hot in most of India during summer). Financial calendar is from April to March (all account books are closed in March) And then we've got the Actual Calendar year (Jan to Dec) :D


In Estonia school starts in September.


In spain we begin school around mid September and we finish the day before summer solstice (which is a very important holiday in my region, Galicia. We jump bonfires on the longest night of the year, a tradition that comes from at least 2000 years ago from the celt-related preroman habitants of the region). This way we have long holidays during the summer, whose heat doesn't help studying.


What is middle school?


I think it is 'junior high school'.

Japanese school system...

小学校(しょうがっこう)elementary school 6years

中学校(ちゅうがっこう)junior high school 3years

高校(こうこう)or 高等学校(こうとうがっこう)high school 3years

高校 and 高等学校 are the same.

We usually say "こうこう". In formal situations "こうとうがっこう" is used, resume etc.


Exactly the same in Greece, by the way~


And the same in México, by the way...


In Guatemala it's common to take 2 years instead of 3 in high school. And also the ones who study for being teachers need to take 5 years!


And the same in Finland as well :D


Good moring! おはようございます! (^∇^)

Moomintroll (ムーミン or ムーミントロール)(むーみん or むーみんとろーる)(Muumipeikko, Mumintrollet) is very famous in Japan! Hattifattener (ニョロニョロ)  (にょろにょろ)is so cute!

I like the song Finlandia (フィンランディア)(ふぃんらんでぃあ).

It is too hot in Japan now. How about in Finland?


I said generally case. There are other special school.


Exactly the same in indonesia


Ill assume youre british like me then! Middle school is like the first few years of secondary to us i think. Although other countries allot different times to them all, id say think of elementary as primary, middle as GCSEs and high school as A levels


In Colombia it is: Primary school: 1 - 5 Secondary school: 6 - 11 Then university. Most of children now do pre-school, it's like 1 or 2 years before primary school, but I didn't.


What is the significance of the third character.


Duolingo writes that it means " 'junior school 'student' ".

It is right.


I wish I could have drop downs for translating english into japanese. I don't get those at all any more, so if I don't know a word, I'm left to guessing.


What is the reading of 中学生 here? I know each Kanji but not sure of their reading in this context




Okay, I answered with「中学生です」, and it marked me wrong; Correct Solution: "中学生です。" Wtf's going on here? Anyone else have the same problem?

Reported it btw.


Yep me too, I spent ages trying to figure out why it was wrong, only to realise I wasn't wrong.


Isn't this meant to have 私は in it?


You can put it and it wouldn't be wrong, but it would sound strange. Japanese relies a lot on context and often the subject of a sentence is omitted because it can be figured out from the rest of the conversation.


The kanji "中" is "なか" or "ちゅぅ"?


I'm not super skilled with the language, but from what I've seen in other discussions it's "なか" on its own or as part of a name and "ちゅぅ" when paired with other kanji to make a word.


Kanji can be read many different ways. This is a good read to learn more: https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/onyomi-kunyomi/


Memory tip: middle school kids chew gum a lot... CHEW (chu) gakusei


Why isn't it this is high school? Doesn't desu mean this is?


High school is 高校 (こうこう).

Desu is kind of like the Japanese form of the English "to be" and all its conjugations (am/is/are/etc.). (That's not exactly true and in reality it's a lot more complicated than that, but that's a simple way to think about it for this usage.) In this example, it's combining with the implied 私は to form "I am ..." For another example, in the sentence それは ---です, it combines with それ subject to form "That is ---".


OK DL Japanese why in the previous sentence (the same except for the grade level) "わたし" was required and without it the answer was wrong, but here it isn't used.

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