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Eastern Armenian?

I herd there are two kinds of Armenian western and eastern I wondered if any of my friends knew one of them . None of my friends knew western one knew eastern. I want to learn his Language will duolingo make Eastern Armenian.

June 9, 2017



Both 'Versions' of Armenian are fairly similar, and intelligible between both speakers. Learning just 'Armenian' would be the way to go. Once you become more fluent in that, differentiating could be a next step. Kinda like South American Spanish and Spain Spanish. One of my best friends is from Armenia, going back next week. She's begun teaching me. It's a fun one, with a pretty alphabet!



Cool ,my friend said it's kind of a language and kinda not a language I will try to learn it


And I couldn't find anything on normal armenian


For the development of Armenian and its variants see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_language. According to this article, Eastern and Western Armenian are "dialectal blocks" or sets of related dialects.


They kinda looked like dialects,I tried learning both languages and saw that they where very different (in a way) I would say about 64% the same

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