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  5. "I give him a hen."

"I give him a hen."

Translation:Eu îi dau lui o găină.

June 9, 2017



Lui îi dau o găină.

This should also be accepted — Reported.


I also wrote this, but still not accepted 26/07/2020


I'm struggling to understand what the 'lui' means on its own. I'm starting to grasp how to use it, but just don't understand why? Also, what is the direct translation of this sentence? Thanks!


Romanian has two forms of the object pronoun (here "him"): the stressed form ("lui") and the unstressed form ("îi"). The stressed form is optional, you can have a grammatically valid sentence without it. However, in this example it serves an important purpose: it specifies the gender of the receiver (the unstressed form does not vary by gender).

Eu îi dau lui o găină. - I give him a hen.
Eu îi dau ei o găină. - I give her a hen.
Eu îi dau o găină. - I give him/her a hen.


I couldn't understand the form

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