"I do not know where the south is."

Translation:Tôi không biết đâu là hướng nam.

June 9, 2017

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Why is it not "Tôi không biết hướng nam ở đâu"? which is the common way to say "I don't know where X is?"

EDIT: Just checked it; it does take it.


Is 'Tôi không biết ở đâu là hướng nam' possible as well?

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    Please explain why là is used here instead of "ỏ" since it refers to location.


    I don't feel like là here is really necessary. Is it?


    ... by tôi không biết hướng nam là đâu (I'd put ở instead)


    That's right !


    Why doesn't "Tôi không biết đâu hướng năm ở." work?


    I think you can't use the ở like that, without a word following it. Ive always seen it like ở đâu, ở đây, always before a word that specifies the details of the "at" idea. At where? At here, something like thar t


    Even if you use ơ as a verb, the complement (here đâu) has to follow it, not to preceed it (SVO).

    (preposition; verb)

    in · at · be · live · stay · reside · house · stand · of · to · withlive · stay · reside · house · stand · of · to · with · dwell · about · inhabit · lodge · remain · abide · frontal · southern · to be · to live · keep · hold · come · occupy · tenant · populate · stable · colonize · colonise · been · kept · situated · stood · was · were · somewhere · within · into...


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