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Where is the Japanese course?

So I heard it came out for IOS and Android, but where? I can't find it on the website or on my iPhone. Where is it?

June 10, 2017



Are you using the app?


From your phone, you will need to add the course. Have you tried that and didn't find it?


Do you have the latest version of Duolingo for iOS? Android is being rolled out.


Android is completely rolled out now, as far as I know.


My girlfriend is still waiting for the Japanese course on Android and the new website on web.


Has she checked the Duolingo app page on Google Play to see if says there's an update?

Vivisaurus posted three days ago that they have completed the roll out, and I haven't seen anyone reply afterwards that they still don't have it. Should be able to get it. ^^

Haven't got anything reassuring to say about release on web though. The most specific ETA I've seen is what Luis said: "should be available on Web at some point this year". (Notice it even says should rather than "will"...) T_T


She didn't have an update a few hours ago and she couldn't start the course on Android. Maybe she should restart her phone or reinstall the app. We will check. Thanks.


The website does not allow the japanese course, but the app does if you update it. The japanese is my favorite duolingo course so far!

If you find the Japanese course, you are welcome to join our Japanese club! The code: HCENJU

I hope you join us soon! -lavora :)

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