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"Le parc possède une table d'orientation."

March 4, 2013



Is there another word for "table d'orientation" other than "viewpoint"? It's not a very common word in English. I'm imagining that this park has some sort of hill overlooking some vast expanse. If that's the case then you'd just say the park has a view (usually of whatever you're looking at).


It is "an orientation table", which is a flat board with all aspects of the view drawn on it with directions and place names on it.


Ahh, like the "You are here" map at theme parks or subway stations... been speaking English my whole life and still don't know a great name to call that thing. Thanks for the explanation.


Not exactly like the “You are here map”. A « table d'orientation » is something like that (http://www.planisphere-carto.fr/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/to-la-bruyere.jpg) that you can find to help you locate not yourself but the elements in the landscape. As Sitesurf said, it is like a table, flat and horizontal, and you place yourself behind it. Here is one example, from the side (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3025762/G0060538-3.png): you would look in the direction of the arrows.

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