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  5. "つくえが一つあります。"


Translation:There is one desk.

June 10, 2017



In Japanese, there are some counter words to indicate numbers. Basic pronunciation of 1 is "ichi", but if you count things like desks in this sentence, you say "hitotsu" for one (desk).



I translated it as table and not desk. It was marked as wrong...


A desk is used for studying and writing. A table is mainly for dinning. Hope that helps.


Why is the number 1 being pronounced differently here?


Hito is the japanese pronunciation of one, as ichi is the chinese pronunciation. Onyomi is the Chinese reading of kanji, like 一 as いち、and kunyomi is the Japanese reading, like 一 as ひと. Usage depends on context, but that's all I know so far


This is getting challenging. I wanted to read the "一" as an extender and not as hitotsu (ichi).


Is it just me or does the audio sound wrong for this?


i answered "机が一つあります" and had it flagged wrong. does anyone know how to report this as an error because 机 is usually accepted as the kanji solution for つくえ。I only get error messages to report the concern:

The audio does not sound correct. The Japanese sentence is unnatural or has an error. The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error. as error messages, none of which is applies in this situation.


Yeah, a "my solution should be accepted"-option like in other courses should exist. For example I cannot write つくえがひとつあります。I need to write the kanji 一。


I'm annoyed that this one doesn't accept the kanji for ”つくえ”


机 is the kanji for desk, right


For those having trouble I found a neat video on youtube to help out.



Anyone have any tips for pronunciation of つくえ? I'm having a little trouble


Tskoo-ay. Try saying 'tiss' (rhymes with piss) then try making the i silent and the sound shorter. That's about what つ sounds like at the beginning of words. The u is practically silent, like す.


I swear the ひ in ひとつ isn't being voiced here at all. Is this another way to read 一つ? or are my ears just bad? Is there a way to read a phonetic kana pronunciation of these on duolingo somewhere?


I hear "ishto tsu" or "shto tso"
Definitely a "sh" sound that *should NOT" be there !

I hear it on 一つ tiles and other sentences to!

I think it's a very bad recording, or an error by the speaker when recording.

I really Wish they would fix it.
Anyone else reprint this?

With all the counter irregularities, it would really help of at last tree recordings were church, and clearly audible.
This would help (rather than hinder) or learning of this difficult topic.


1.16.19 I hear TSU clearly.


It's not a "sh" sound, although it's similar and it is definitely supposed to be there. It's like a sharply whispered vowel when pronouncing "hi" in this case, and your vocal cords should not start vibrating (voicing) until you reach the "o" in "hitotsu"

The Japanese language does this with some sounds. There's a pattern to it, although I don't know it off the top of my head.


If you listen carefully you will hear it


There isn't much of a difference between table and desk.


Is it right to say 一つつくえがあります ?or will it be odd?


Surely they can speak slower


One thing - 一つ(ひとつ) hitotsu Two things - 二つ(えたつ)etatsu Three things -  三つ(みっつ)mittsu Four things - 四つ (よっつ)yottsu Five things - 五つ (いつつ) itsutsu Six things - 六つ (むっつ) muttsu Seven things - 七つ (ななつ) nanatsu Eight things - 八つ (やっつ) yattsu Nine things - 九つ (ここのつ) kokonotsu


I thought two things (二つ) was pronounced ふたつ (futatsu), is it not?

[deactivated user]

    Would the sentence つくえ一つあります。 also be correct?


    Don't understand why 机が一つあります is not accepted when the kanji 机 is used for other questions.


    Why didn't "机が一つあります" work?

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