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A couple of questions regarding some changes in website

Hi there! It seems there were some minor changes made to the website. Previously, there used to be a flashcard type system in "Words" section to help us memorise the forgotten words, but now it seems to have gone. My words section doesn't have any "review flashcard" button anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Secondly, now the comment section for a lesson opens in a separate tab, which is a bit cumbersome - not to mention time-consuming. The in-tab opening was much better, IMO.

June 10, 2017



I think the new-tab opening was probably a response to the complaints about it being difficult to read comment threads during timed practices.


Problem for me is that it takes a while until the tab opens and until then I can't continue, but the time ticks away...


I also preferred the in-tab comments and find the tab-opening to be much less streamlined.


Yes the opening a new tab is really annoying (but it seems to be a good move from a SEO-perspective). And I miss the review lesson-feature and also the underlined misspelled words if you had a typo...


It must be some sort of A/B test; I still have Flashcards and in-tab discussions.

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