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  5. "あのホテルは大きいです。"


Translation:That hotel is big.

June 10, 2017



I wrote "That hotel over there is big" and it was an error. In one of the previous sentences it corrected me when I didn't use "that over there" for あの


Duolingo is having a pretty bigg error in general with sono ano and kono etc. 'That over there' is correct


Should be "that hotel over there is big". Kono, Sono, Ano convey position relative to those conversing.


that hotel is big is also fine


kono, sono, ano - este, esse, aquele

[deactivated user]

    Es italiano? En español es: Kono, sono, ano --> Este, ese, aquel


    Is the symbol they are using for the "ho" sound kanji?? I didn't realize kanji and katakana were EVER combined to spell out a foreign word.


    I was also confused by that given how they introduced it, but if you check a katakana chart ホ is the regular kana for "ho".


    Nope! ほ is hiragana and ホ is katakana. Are you maybe confusing it with the Kanji 木 (もく)、大 (だい)、or possibly 本 (ほん)?


    2020.4 25 There are some katakana that look remarkably similar to kanji.

    ロ「ろ」vs 口「くち」 オ「お」vs 才「さい」 エ「え」vs 工「こう」in 工事「こう。じ」

    just to list three off the top of my head. Knowing the word and sentence context makes it clear what it is, such as the kanji compound 工事。

    There's no way the Japanese would think that is え。じ


    So I could leave out desu in this sentence and still be correct?


    That would be the informal form of the sentence, yes. With an い-adjective at the end, you just leave off です; with a な-adjective in that position, you'd have to use だ instead of です.


    Is it possible to also say so no in this in place of a no?


    Sono would imply "that hotel (near you, who I am speaking to)", whereas ano means "that hotel (over there, not near either me or you)". If you were translating from English to Japanese, and had no context for where the hotel was, the phrase "that hotel" could be translated using either sono or ano, but if you know where the hotel is relative to the listener, only one will be correct.


    Note that その and あの are each one word; there shouldn't be a space before "no".


    That is a big hotel. does it mean the same thing?


    Not quite, because the sentence structure is different.


    why is that is a big hotel unacceptable


    well it is a different sentence. "That is a big hotel" would be something like: kono wa okii hoteru desu

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