"Nu este copt."

Translation:It is not ripe.

June 10, 2017

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Shouldn't it be "it is not baked"? The answer of duolingo is "she is not baked", which is kind creepy....or this is a word for people as well and what does it mean?


I think there's a problem with the sentence. The default is: "Nu este copt." - "It is not ripe." (I don't know in what form of exercise you got the question).

I don't think this was intentional here, but you can use "copt" with a person: "o persoană necoaptă" is someone inexperienced (but this is derived from the meaning "ripe", not "baked").


Agreed, "He is not baked" is a very stranfe sentence in english.


I was given "She is not ripe"! This must be changed.

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