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The Tinycards search doesn't seem to work

I made a Tinycards deck with "Polish" in the title, but it doesn't show up when you search for "Polish":


On the other hand, it's definitely in the database somewhere, since it turns up for other queries:


What gives? This makes me realize that there's probably LOADS of polish decks uploaded that I'm just not able to get to because the search isn't showing them to me when I search for them.

June 10, 2017



When I search for polish apartment it is clear that polish does work as a keyword to help find the decks - because your two decks are the only ones that show.


Whereas when I search for apartment by itself, many decks (including yours) show.


I had time, so I typed in just polish and scrolled down a long way (pressing space bar or PgDn can be a quick way of scrolling down). Your two decks show up about 135 decks down the list. Just keep scrolling and letting it load more results. (That said, there could be thousands of decks, and there is no guarantee that you will receive them in the same order they were sent to me, and no guarantee that there isn't a maximum number of results the search will return stopping well short of the total number of existing decks.)

If the decks were recently made when you searched, it's possible they just hadn't updated the necessary part of the server with the information on your decks to make them available for the search. But they're there now when I search.


In that case, the problem is that the infinite scrolling thing doesn't work for me. When I search for "polish", I get 10 results and nothing else loads no matter how far down I scroll.



I use an Android tablet. I have just tested 3 mobile browsers.

Duolingo's TinyCards search fails to load more than 10 results with Firefox.

It successfully loads more results with both Chrome and Sleipnir.

If you want to report it the bug report page is here: http://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

It would probably help the programming team if you mention which browser, and perhaps which OS and device you were using.


I've had similar experiences. So far, I've had better experiences just searching with google. So, in your case, something like "Polish site:tinycards.duolingo.com". I get results with that. Good luck.

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