Does this word mean the subject Chemistry or like the chemistry between people? Also on wiktionary I found that its plural is Chemien. How would that be used? Confused cux in English we dont usually say chemistries..

June 10, 2017


In German, the word "Chemie" refers to the branch of science as well as to the relationship between people:

Example sentence for 1): Ich habe Chemie und Biologie studiert.

Example sentence for 2): Die Chemie zwischen den beiden Politikern stimmt nicht. (i.e., the two politicians don't agree with each other on a personal/emotional/ethical level).

I have never heard or read the plural form, and I wouldn't know how to use it. I guess that wiktionary just gave this form because it would be the logical form.

I read this post yesterday and did a little research since then.

I only found wiktionary that claims/states a Plural for Chemie. I could not find a google result for the plural on the first three pages. only lists a singular and no plural (for words with a plural lists a plural form). I never heard a plural form and for the science chemistry it does not make much sense to talk about multiple Chemien (there might be multiple categories of chemie, but not multiple chemien). I think wiktionary just has a wrong Plural here, one that doesnt exist but "follows" the regular pattern like other Plural forms do.

Despite that I think, there is no Plural of Chemie. The only scenario that I could imagine was something like this.

  1. Die emotionalen Bindungen der Paare waren sehr unterschiedlich. The emotional connections of the couples were very different. (We are talking about a comparison of the connections of different couples, like when we would try to analyze how different husbands and wifes interact with each other).

Now we "swap" emotionale Bindungen for Chemien. Since I created a sentence where the plural makes sense, we would need a Pluralform and Chemie is used to describe something similar between two humans.

  1. Die Chemien der Paare waren sehr unterschiedlich.

Now I still dont think, that the Plural of Chemie exists, but if it does, this was one of the few scenarios where you might be able to use it.

Thanks.. yea the plural in wiki shouldnt be there.. and even in that sentence you wrote, it should just be chemistry

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