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Early lesson dilemma

I am stuck between two conflicting impulses: on the one hand, I would like to see my learning tree (or whatever it is called) nice and golden.

On the other hand, I am getting extremely sick of the endlessly repeated early lessons. If I never see "John is American" again, I won't be sorry!

So how do other people handle this? Do I just ignore the early lessons and do them in one fell swoop once I reach the end of the tree? Or what?

June 10, 2017



Ignore them. Always start practicing from the most recently learnt to the earlies and ignore any that you feel confident in.


Ok, I'll try that, then - thanks!


Don't stop learning new lessons. Whatever your goals are, make sure it includes a new lesson every day.


I like to do a mixture of review and new lessons. It's a good feeling to have a tree that's all gold, but halfway through the tree, it's not really possible to keep it gold, and the review gets quite boring. If you don't feel that you need to review a particular lesson, then don't bother. When you review, it's a good idea to do the last lessons learned first. Sometimes you can strengthen more than one lesson at the same time and that reduces the number of lessons that are not gold.


That's exactly what I'm finding - it's so time-consuming (and boring) to keep it gold! Ok, I'll reverse direction and do more recent lessons first. As to the mix of review and new lessons: I definitely want to progress but I also don't want to get too far ahead and be endlessly frustrated. So I guess I'll have to experiment.


I'm hoping they will tweak the "Practice" algorithm: the way it is set up now, there is WAY too much unnecessary repetition of things. If I repeated and aced an old lesson two days ago, I don't think I need to do that lesson over again today - that's just tedious.

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