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  5. "六時六分です。"


Translation:It is 6:06.

June 10, 2017



Six minutes pronounced as "roppun", correct?


What other numbers does this apply to?


Pun (ぷん) applies to 1,4,6,8,10 Bun (ぶん) applies to 3 Fun (ふん) applies to 2,5,7,9

After 10 minutes, the same pattern is repeated.

Bun, fun, and pun all have the same Kanji (分)

Screenshot this and save it if this helps




If I may add, you can use the mnemonic "2579 is fun, the rest is a joke, pun intended".


i feel like itd just be easier to just say pun everytime since theyre the exact same kanji but said different for arbitrary reasons


That would be the same as saying "oneth, twoth, and threeth" because of the rest of the numbers going "fourth, fifth, sixth, etc." While you would still be understood, it wouldn't sound grammatical or fluent.


As far as i know you can also pronounce it rokupun but i would agree that roppun is easier on the tongue... I dont know if its just me but im Norwegian and i feel that pronouncing Japanese is quite easy as we Norwegians use the same sounds......


I believe anyone who always hear native speaker speaking in japanese will feel the same way, im indonesian but i love anime so i don't find it hard to pronounce japanese, but the same thing doesn't applied to my family who dont watch anime at all


The only sound I find tough is "r" since there is no true english equivilant. But recently I tried reading my friend's shirt with playstation written in katakana and... I basically couldn't. I knew the word, I knew what sounds needed to happen, but I guess my English-speaking brain couldn't quite go from brain to voice fast enough.

Out of curiosity, are you a native Norwegian speaker taking a Japanese course in English?


How do you say it is 6:16 in japanese?


六詩十六分 just add the ten to the front


Why it is always 2:02, 3:03, 4:04...


So you can see the difference in pronunciation between hour and minute counters, I guess


Wasn't it supposed to be rokki ji rokku pun desu? Can someone explain me why it is rokku ji roppun desu?


一分 = ippun 二分 = ni fun 三分 = san pun 四分 = yon pun 五分 = go fun 六分 = roppun 七分 = nana fun 八分 = happun or hachi fun 九分 = kyuu fun 十分 = juppun

It's just one of those things you have to memorize, really. It's also somewhat regional, where people will pronounce it differently depending on where in Japan they're from.


Well actually the 三分 is pronounced as "san bun" but I think the rest is right.


I talk with lots of japanese people weekly and all of them says "sanpun", Idk if "sanbun" is right, but "sanpun" is and it is the most common.


Some previous comments put ku instead of kyu for 9mins. Do you know which is the correct pronunciation?


That's what I was wondering. I'm likely incorrect, but I think when you're telling minutes (especially after you've just told the hour), the number is shortened. idek lol


I have a doubt if any one can answer then please please reply. Question-“ If we say time with only hour {when we don't know the correct exact time with minutes}, then in this case it is not necessary to say the word “now”, But... If we know to correct time and telling the exact time along with hours and minutes so it is necessary to put the word “now” {otherwise in next minute time will be ahead 1 minute so it is necessary to put the word “now”}... So, In this case here we are telling that time is 6:06 right now here time is given in minute also but when I add the word “now” it is displaying that the answer is wrong ... If I am wrong then please tell me the correct answer .

And.. a very very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali to all of you.


If I'm reading this right I think you're asking why the answer "It is 6:06 now." isn't correct. If that's right then I think it's because the word for "now" (i ma) is not there.

From my understanding lessons change overtime and what I've seen two days ago may not have been what you saw at the time of your post. So to recap:

The lesson that I saw was , in romaji, "Rokuji ropun desu" The correct answer for me in "It is 6:06." In that translation the word now is not present and therefore not in the correct answer given.

As language is less rigid than that you would have been correct to assume "It is 6:06 now." However, this is language learning turned into a game so you gotta play by their rules. You could report though and see if they would open the lesson up to a broader spectrum of translation.


It's 6 minutes after 6:00 is not all that wrong, please . . . come on. Add some variations to the correct answer, since we're being tested here . . .


it dosnt like the 24 hour clock either 18:06 was rejected


Then the Japanese sentence would have been on 24 hour clock also i.e. 18時6分です


when it is in minute the roku the ku doesnt spell out cause i only here kun or pun what i see here in the comments


What is the difference of "分" (ふん) and 一分" (いっぷん)


I believe the only way to say "one minute" or "a minute" is by saying "一分". You have to explicitly say one (一). Which makes "分" nothing but a counter for minutes in this case.


Theres no O for o'clock


O'clock means that the minute is 0. Since the minute is 6 in the question, you cannot use o'clock in the answer.


Yeah but for some reason duolingo correction after I answer it right was like "hey you forgot the o in o'clock" Despite having no o in the input


I wrote:" it is six hours six minutes" they said I were wrong, and they wrote it is 6:06. :-D


Because 6:06 is a time of day, read as "six oh six." What you wrote is a description of a period of time, read as "six hours six minutes." They are different things.

If someone asked you what the current time was, you'd never answer "6 hours 6 minutes." On the opposite end, if someone asked how long until your plane takes off, you'd never answer "6:06."


Actually, if you are a Romance language speaker you do say the time like that (six hours and six minutes).


But he didn't said "and", he said "six hours six minutes"


Why is 06:06 a typo? Why must it be 6:06, is this an american thing?


六時六分です can be both 6AM or 6PM. 06:06 implies 6AM only


In short: yes, it's an American thing.


There is no "o" in the bank of words. Just a minor issue but I think it's pretty easy to fix it.


Why do you need "o" in the answer?


That's because Duolingo views my answer "It is 6:06 'clock" as wrong. I am so lazy that I even don't want to print these words instead of clicking on it. Sorry.


The word "o'clock" cannot be used if the minute is not 0. It can be either 7 o'clock or 6 o'clock but 6:06 o'clock is wrong.

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