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"Welchen Umfang hat dieser Baum?"

Translation:What circumference does this tree have?

June 10, 2017



Here you know that "Baum" is the subject because "dieser" has the nominative masculine ending of -er and "Umfang" is the object because "welchen" takes the accusative masculine ending of "-en". Sometimes one must slow down and read carefully ;)


Nobody is going to say "What circumference does this tree have?" in English.


Came to the comments because I, too, am certain that the English translation here is very unnatural. What someone would actually say is more like "What is the circumference of this tree?" I agree that no nat English speaker would word it as "What circumference does this tree have?" It simply doesn't flow, nor does it sound right.


What circumference has this tree. In current English this is clear and correct. Some pedantry here perhaps?

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