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problem with claiming rewards

It has been several days that I am unable to claim rewards after meeting my daily goal (mobile version). Please fix the bug!

June 10, 2017



claim rewards after meeting daily goal? could you elaborate? (is this iOS?)


Yes in the updated version. After meeting the daily goal it says 'you have met your daily goal' without offering rewards. After trying again several times through the day, the offer finally shows up after the day is past. But when one goes and claims it it says you have already claimed the reward and can't do it again.


I am having a similar issue with the reward system on my iPhone iOS. If I collect a reward late at night before the new day starts, then I finish late afternoon the new day, it tells me I have already collected a reward for that day and cannot collect again.

This has happened to me at least three times since I got put on the AB testing with hearts.

This is a bug that needs to be fixed. Instead of the award being based on the system's new xp (xp set to zero) day, it is being based on the actual time a reward has been collected. And if you finish your daily xp on day 2 before you finished the day before, then you will not get a reward that day.

For example, if I collect a reward at 10pm on the first day, my xp resets at about 12am, then I cannot collect a reward until at 10pm or later the new day, despite my xp being reset to start a "new day" in terms of the duolingo timing system.

Please fix this.


I'm having this problem too. I finish my first lesson of the day, it offers me the chests for the gems, then says "Sorry, you already claimed a reward today." And the timing is mixed up on the club screens- it says today's lessons were done 4 days ago! And it says lessons I did yesterday were done today!


This happens about every other day for me since the update to gems. Even today, it wrongfully lost my streak and still told me I already claimed my reward?


I have this problem too, feel cheated even though I have nothing to spend them on.


This has happened to me for the past few days. It is quite annoying considering it's harder to earn "gems" or whatever they call it now.


Same thing here, and frankly quite annoying. I have reported the bug some time ago but the problem persists. Can this be fixed, please? Thanks


It has happened 75% of the time since the pathetic monetising update. Worst bit is, I don't even want the reward, I don't want the ridiculous gems, I just want the old Duolingo app.


I forgot to say this is on my ipad.


I also have this problem. I do my lessons at the same time every day and I am now being told nearly every time that I have already claimed


Same problem here roughly 2 out of 3 days....

  1. The app won’t let me get an extra heart by watching an ad. 2. The app won’t let me get points after the daily reward (treasure best). It used to work. It hasn’t worked for weeks and weeks. Poor app.
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