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Option for additional kanji?

Is there going to be an option added to change certain vocab to their kanji forms? I see a lot of words spelled in their kana form that would normally be spelled with kanji. Having all the kanji available would be quite helpful.

June 10, 2017



At least they're letting us type more and more kanji in the answers. When I first started the course I had to type almost everything in kana. (Which was annoying, because a long string of 20 kana with no spaces makes it painful to read what I typed, when double checking for typos.) xD

It would be nice if they could spell all the sentences the normal way in kanji, and just have furigana over the difficult kanji (with an option to turn furigana off).

Ones like「日よう日」are just crazy. When you see that in the middle of a sentence it makes it really awkward to read, lol. ^^;


kanji on mouse over would be a good start

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