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Smarter Duo - chrome extension

I was annoyed at the way that Duolingo chooses the lesson when you decide to practice.

What it does is that it chooses the first skill that does not have a full strength bar, starting from the bottom of the tree, and makes you practice that.

So unless you practice a lot, you end up practicing the lower part of the tree while the upper part remains neglected.

This small extension fixes this by choosing the skill with the lowest strength value, regardless of its position in the tree, and makes you practice that.

It is called Smarter Duo and you can download it from the chrome web store: https://goo.gl/gDTRw5

License is public domain, you can find the code on github.



June 10, 2017



Wow. Great Extension, I have now practiced words that I had forgotten from months ago, great!


Thank you so much for using it! Please feel free to contact me for any suggestion or issue :)


I don't know what sorcery is this, but now I strengthen multiple skills each time, and my fluency score, instead of dropping, increases too with each session. I'm already up 4 percent with just 100 xp!

My faith in duo is restored. :D

You deserve 1,000,000 lingots.


Thank you! The thing is that the later skills depend on the earlier ones, so when you practice a skill that is higher up in the tree Duolingo also counts some xp for its prerequisites (or at least, that's how I figure it does it). Duo's algorithm always chooses a skill which has full dependencies, so you don't see this efficiency boost from that.


They probably changed their algorithm again since my last practice.
They do changes too often. At least it was a good one for a change.


You see. I haven't seen those in a long long time and now it's commonplace.
If this keeps up I'll have a golden tree in no time at all.


I surely hope so! :)


Sounds great! Especially now, when the strengthen skills button doesn't really mix it up anymore (at least for me).

Thank you!


Thank you for using it!


This sounds great, but you don't have to click the "strengthen skills" button. You can pick and choose the ones that you want to do. And if you start with the ones lower down the tree, they will sometimes strengthen the ones farther up.


Of course. But what is the point of being a software developer if I can't automate my hobbies? ;) In fact, what my extension does is basically what you are suggesting. I sort of virtually click the button for the weakest strength, you just don't have to go through them manually.

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Great job Michele. Now I have an incentive to work towards level 26 on some of the trees! Daniel.


Thank you for trying it out!


I'm sure you're aware, but your icon is invisible on black browser themes


Don't be so sure, in fact I wasn't! Thank you for pointing it out!


Added already. Congratulations! I would like to learn more about developing web tools. What programming language do you recommend to start doing this?


Thanks! For web development you definitely want to learn the combo HTML + JavaScript, they are literally the bread and butter of web development. Beware though, learning javascript is quite daunting they tell me (google "How it feels like to learn javascript in 2016").

TO be honest I'm not quite the right guy to ask: I'm a backend dev in python / .NET. I literally had to learn a bit of javascript specifically for this problem ;) But feel free to contact me via github if you have any questions.

By the way: damn, are you serious with all those languages!? Congratulations!

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for sharing!


    No problem! Let me know if you have any suggestion / issue :)


    Take my lingots


    Your hacking skillz are legendary. Thanks!


    After using this script:

    The skills that aren't usually gold now stay golden longer. However, the skills that for some reason I mess up in every language (usually adverbs, clothing, and objects 1 skill, or the equivalent) do not remain gold haha.

    This is exactly how I want the duolingo algorithm to work, because I KNOW what I don't know but Duolingo makes it look like I don't know anything :(

    I suppose their algorithm doesn't consider that the more gold I have, the more I efficiently I will practice (or in the health bar case, the less I will practice and the more I will learn).


    Hi Michele @Ippo343 . I installed the chrome extension and used it by clicking on the black book icon in my Chrome extension bar while in my German tree. The first time, I was presented a lesson exclusively on the verb verpassen. I got a couple wrong. The second time, I got a lesson exclusively on the verb verpassen again. I got them all correct. The third time, my first question was on verpassen again, so I exited.

    Any suggestions? Danke.


    Hi Michele,

    What it does is that it chooses the FIRST skill that does not have a full strength bar, starting from the bottom of the tree, and makes you practice that.

    Yes, I agree to the following facts:
    A) First skill, B) non-golden (not crown L5 gold) / <100% strength.

    So unless you practice a lot, you end up practicing the lower part of the tree while the UPPER part remains neglected.

    Actually DuoLingo by itself does it switched.

    It heavily focuses on the TOP skills, first half of your tree.

    The bottom part is what is neglected.

    When you re-strengthen skills (practice buttom) it is so hard to reach the bottom.
    You would have to put many XPs into to make the tree fully golden (100% strength).

    "[FEATURE REQUEST]: Generic practice (Strenghten skills) needs added "bottom to top" setting per tree": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27091995

    I see this behaviour since October 2016, the whole 2017 year until now July 2018!

    I have made my experiences with the "Crown update" in 04/2018 and updated EN-PT tree in June 2018.
    So these are the facts.

    Can your Chrome extension also focus on the bottom - instead of the top - skills of the tree, to reach the goal what I explained in my feature request?

    As I can only run Firefox V52.9.0esr on this system, not a recent Chrome version, I might run into the problem that Chrome extensions are only compatible with Firefox Quantum V57+ because of the new "WebExtensions API".

    Will give it at least a try with "Chrome Store Foxified"...


    Thanks a lot . I'll be using it!

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