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How can I make Duolingo go back to the desktop version when it's acting like a mobile version?

I've been doing Duolingo on a desktop for over a year and now all of a sudden it's acting similar to a mobile version. I don't like it. I want my old Duolingo back! How can I change it?

June 10, 2017



Most people want the old versions back but the new ones are being imposed on us for Duolingo's benefit not ours. Duolingo does not respond to feedback only user numbers and income. No matter how much we complain they will do nothing unless the improvement significantly affects them.


You've probably got the new version of duolingo. I don't have it yet, but from what I've heard it is the opposite of an improvement.


Well maybe so, but for some reason my brother still has the old. I would definitely not consider it an improvement, rather, it's quite impractical. Is there any way to get the old version back? Or maybe they will soon improve this new version. (:


There giving it to the users slowly, so some have the old and some have the new. There's no way to get it back, that I know off. I hope they improve it, too ;P

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