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  5. "She wants a green hat."

"She wants a green hat."


June 10, 2017

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The answer for this question was filled in for me. Is that intentional?


This is still reproduceable, it was filled in for me too


Looks like it's changed now for some people: http://i.imgur.com/MN2QCJz.png Commenting this because people who are getting only partial fills are getting confused by the idea that it is fully filled in when they arrive here. :)

Edit: Hi folks, no need to report that it is "still there" or "still buggy". It'll be fixed when it is fixed, probably after the course leaves beta. :)


Here is a screenshot of how they split the sentence for me:


They like them long. Plus the whole having the sentence already fill in completely with many sentences seems counter productive.


If someone else has already pointed out that a sentence is buggy, please don't clutter the sentence forum with repeat comments. Thanks! :)


What would be the difference between saying ほしいですvs ほしいん?


It is used in response to someones question or as an explanation/ justification for an action. "Because i wanted it ( ん)." Vs, "I want it."


If it's like あるん, then it's something you really want or mean. I think, I could be wrong.


It is used for explaining something.


As far as I know, the ん at the end of sentences weakly indicates meaning or reason, and it is a shortened version of の. ほしいんです (or ほしいのです) could actually be translated as "because I want it", even though this way of showing purpose is weaker than から。


Well that was easy


I am just so happy that this Japanese course is available on my phone that I only report obvious errors which I hope is helpful. I do not want to make more work for the staff. I can't help but be annoyed by people who are such complainers, when they are lucky to have this. This is a community project. If you can't be helfpul, let it go and move on, please. It is a work in progress. Would you rather that Dl waited until they had everything edited correctly until they made it available? As for this particular sentance, so what if you got the entire answer given to you. How often does that happen? I, for one, appreciated it as a welcome break. : ) THANK YOU DL! You have given me a very welcome opportunity here.


got a very weird split, with something like kan, ji, and then like the whole sentence in one big blob


i believe the inclusion of the "n" at the end stresses that the speaker wants the listener to do something about what is desired, as oppsosed to just making a statement.


i can't complete this entire lesson because it's bugged. when i reach the end of this lesson, it keeps asking this question because there's no way for me to answer it correctly, and won't let me move on to the next lesson. and yes, i have reported it many times.


DamonJiang, please, don't report it more than once. Staff is limited. When people knowingly report a thing multiple times, it creates a backlog.

It was fully filled in when I arrived. So, I think I just clicked enter and it accepted the answer as correct and let me move forward. Can you describe what you're doing that it is telling you your answer is not correct?


heres the screenshot. it is prefilled with an incorrect answer http://i.imgur.com/ypYibgo.jpg


Thanks for the screenshot! If you haven't tried it already, click "かの" and then "じ" to add them to the list, followed by that really long one. Ignore "なつ". Then click enter. Will you let me know if that worked?

I follow visual + written instructions best, so, here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/MN2QCJz.png


doh! thanks. i was so affixed on it being bugged that i didn't even try. lol, stupid me. thanks again, i can finally move on to the next lesson.


I'm really glad you kept communicating until we could figure out what was happening. Good luck as you move forward with the course! :)


As of 22.08.17 this is bugged, automatically gives the answer.


Thank you for wanting to be helpful. But, please don't give bug updates here. One comment of "bugged" helps other learners cue that the sentence is the problem, not them. (Most of the time, such comments are not even necessary.) If a sentence is no longer bugged, one person commented "bug fixed" will help moderators know to remove the "bugged" comment. As is, there are 50+ comments saying some version of "this sentence is buggy" (Mods can see deleted comments.) Thanks!


This could be broken down better


When do you take out the answer ?

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