"La vita è dolce."

Translation:Life is sweet.

March 4, 2013

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Si! La vita e dolce con (is that right?) duolingo! :)


You forgot a couple of accents, (on Sì and è) but the rest is right! :D

And the content is right as well. ;)


Grazie, mia amica :) I didn't forget the accents- I can't figure out how to write them on my English keyboard! (in the exercises there are special boxes we click for the special characters).


:D I change keyboard all the time depending on the language I must write in. I have a German keyboard (that works well with Italian accents, even better than the Italian one!), and I switch to virtual Spanish and to virtual Japanese keyboards pretty often. :D


I do exactly like you while completing the final lessons of a skill.But it's too boring to change keyboards repeatedly ;-(


Would Italians really say "la vita" or just "Vita e dolce!"?

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