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About timed practice

I've noticed that when in timed practice, time runs out even when trying to correct an answer, or "add to the discussion". This is annoying, as it gives no time to do those things. You should have the timer stop when you click on one of those buttons.

June 10, 2017



If you value a discussion, just open it and let time expire while concentrating on it. I have done this countless times. In any case, the new website implementation opens the discussions in a separate tab, which would seem to avoid much of the issue, although I have not seen it myself.

I do wish the set-up were slightly different so that the report options wouldn't simply vanish soon after time expires if you already had that menu open. I'm perfectly happy to let my time expire in order to have the time to make or consider whether a report needs to be made that could improve a course, but right now you've got to be a bit quicker about it than is sometimes ideal.


This is the point I was trying to make. Sometimes, there isn't enough time to do it. If I have enough time, sure I'll do what I want to.


im really scaed to do with a timer.but i think its the best way to improve such a lanuage

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