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What happens when you reach level 25?

I'm just wondering what happens when you reach the last level(level 25), does the xp thing stop? Thanks

June 11, 2017



You ascend to a higher plane of existence, where your tax returns get filled in for you, you always have a free cup of coffee on your starbucks loyalty card, your parking is paid for everywhere you go and all of your questions are answered with a reasonable and polite response.


Actually, all of your taxes are forgiven, along with parking tickets. Also, for a limited time offer, all tech support helpdesk personnel answering your calls have a perfect command of the english language :)

[deactivated user]

    That's only if you get level 25 in 2 languages.


    No, you keep earning XP, you just can't level up anymore. And when you reach level 25, celebrate!!


    You will get this urge to, in your case, travel to France to practise your newly accommodated language with all the locals! You'll think about it constantly until you've booked a holiday trip to the country in question.

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    I don't know yet but I can't wait - I hear Odin descends from Valhalla and chooses you to live in Asgard.


    You get the 25 lingots but no other acknowledge from duo. One of the users I think has a list you can apply to be put on. The XP counter does keep going up


    I am glad to meet you Sakina.I like Canada,and I got TESOL diploma from Canada in english proficiency.I hope to visit Canada in the near future. I am preparing my self to get a certificate in french language from an international company called:" expertrating".That is because I want to invest my work up in french.


    Wow, keep the hard work up! I love Canada as well. I hope you get a chance to come Here.


    Note that if you reach level 25 on the duo app, no 25 lingots, no gems, and no notification occurs. Not even a small trumpet sound. Quelle déception.


    How disappointing. I'm not pleased!


    Moi aussi. Je viens d´arriver au niveau 25 en français aujourd`hui et je me sens un peu dégonflée après tout le travail.

    À la fin du cours espagnol j´étais à l´ordinateur et oui j´ai reçu 25 lingots et le site duolingo m´a montré une petite annonce ... le même trophée qui accompagne chaque niveau.

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