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  5. "ニュースはあまり見ません。"


Translation:I don't watch news that much.

June 11, 2017



Usually in english "the news" is used


Not really, it's used both with and without the article regularly


I'd say "I rarely watch the news" should also be plausible


The translation for this is very strict. I'd say that ending it with often instead of much should be allowed.


I also tried "I don't really watch news", I don't really watch news much". I feel both should have been accepted, at least if the first one had 'the news' in it.


When, oh when, will Duo learn the English words "seldom" and "rarely"?


I don't often see the news should be an allowed translation as well.


My only criticism is that it implies that you WOULD watch the news if you could, but you can't, maybe because you don't have a TV. Mostly when we say we don't watch the news much, it means we don't want to.


I disagree.

When あまり is used in conjuntion with a negative verb, 見ません, it means "quite/very." So in this sentence, it would be translated as "I really don't watch the news very often..."

(the trailing off signifies the way japanese often don't say what they actually mean due to cultural and social standards. In this question, the speaker is trying to say they don't really like watching the news without committing some social faux-pas, like if their boss asked if they watched the news segment last night.)

here's a link to a better explanation.



"I don't watch news a lot" is not correct?


News is different from the news. News is very general, while the news is a tv program

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