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The new system sucks!

I honestly cannot believe that Duolingo came up with a system where if a user misses five questions (because it's not like we're trying to learn a foreign language or anything) said user will have to wait FIVE HOURS to try again, or waste 350 gems. I understand the need for Duolingo to monetize the site, but this is simply taking advantage of people. This is completely unacceptable, and if it pours into the PC version of Duolingo, that will be all for me personally.

June 11, 2017



Sorry for ventilating. I am just so disappointed...Why smart people are doing such stupid and illogical things?


Don't be sorry! If we don't speak up, it will flow over into the pc version. I totally agree with you.


Two or more discussions about this have already been locked after multiple comments, suggesting that the commenters aren't happy with this brave new world.

I've deleted the Duolingo app and abandoned the languages except for French on the web version; I don't like Duolingo any more. I'll probably ditch it altogether in the next couple of weeks.

Perhaps Duolingo's owners, rather than trying to scold and slap users into good behaviour by unpleasant shocks, need to read Karen Pryor's excellent (and funny, and useful) book on how to use positive reinforcement in training, Don't Shoot the Dog https://www.goodreads.com/work/editions/31384-don-t-shoot-the-dog


Exactly why I don't bother with the app version :( If I use Duo on my phone I just go to the website instead of bothering with the app at all


The health feature isn't on Duolingo's website, meaning you can avoid using it by completing/reviewing lessons on PC, instead of iOS.


It's still much less convenient. While you can run a browser on your iPhone, the interface isn't quite right and not as pleasant to use as the app. I'm finding I've just stopped bothering doing DuoLingo in my spare 5/10 mins on my phone and only when I have time to get to my PC. I've dropped from averaging 250-300xp a week to about 100 & I'm spending more time on other Polish learning apps instead on my phone. At this rate, I'll quit Duo soon as it's not giving me what it used to :(


What kind of educational model denies a student access to the new knowledge and prevents him or her from reviewing the material at his/ her pace and at their free will. Really, I am an adult proactive self improving person - and the system removes my power and takes over my own decisions making. The computer would control me...yeah, right. This is exactly what type A personality needs - computer control


The new system of Duolingo I find in fact ridiculous. First they removed "immersion", came up with excuses for it, and promised something new "soon". Then they removed "activity" and promised something new "soon". Immersion was removed ages ago, and we still haven't seen even a hint of anything of the sort to replace it. This new system of "gems" and "if you get too many questions wrong it will kick you off for 5 hours" is also ridiculous. They also recently added "ads" into your lessons. So I get it, Duolingo ran into financial issues. They take out a whole bunch of stuff that costs money to upkeep, (immersion and activity) and the add ads to generate money. But about this new system that discourages learners, it's completely unprecedented. ---- So we see ads show up to generate more money, but we don't see that money being used to improve Duolingo. The only improvement we've seen in the last 3 and 1/2 years is the expulsion of the "3 hearts" program. That was good, but once again it was something that was removed not added. Duo has done a good job with the basic lessons, but once again I am quite displeased that "activity and immersion" are gone. However, with the addition of ads, and the expulsion of the old system, I hope to see new content added soon. The problem we're going to face is, if the owners of Duolingo get greedy and start to make you pay to use Duolingo or pay to buy gems or whatever when you make mistakes. I hope to see improvements soon, starting with a replacement of "activity".


I wonder if the staff has actually completed any course of a language they did not know before within the new system.

The end result will be that all PC users will have a second tab open where they google answers if they are not sure. It used to be like this when we still had the three heart system; before risking to be forced to redo an exercise a lot of users rather googled the answers when low on health. Now that mistakes are a hundredfold more punishing this will become the standard.


Italian still won't give me the English version of the new Italian words. I've been on a 30 day streak and have been reviewing old lessons to keep streak. I can't go on


Exactly my point. It kills your effort no matter how much you try. Some people just need more time to digest a new material and return to reviewing it much much later. We are different. For some of us, 3-5 exposures to one word is enough to memorize it. For others, 20 exposures, many mistakes, reviewing the same word 2 months later would do the trick. This system imposes one style on the people of different capacities and approaches to Studying. It stops them in their advancing in new stuff exploration and through that - kills all the interest in the studying. In short, ship exploration of the new land is reduced to daily boring manual scrubbing of the ship's deck.. Yep, at last I found the right words to describe this New system. Being more short - it sucks.


I liked Duolingo very much because it allowed me to make repeated mistakes without comment - the result was that my vocabulary gradually built, and those mistakes lessened. It was acting as a "language parent", rather than using the old-fashioned method of drumming practice words and phrases into your head which is so unpleasant and counter to natural learning as a child learns.

Watching with interest my six-month streak today, which is about to disappear tomorrow as I cease to bother with Duolingo.


I just got shut out on my Ipad because I made too many errors in Russian. This is really stupid and does not help learning.


I agree with you. Just admit that new approach is faulty. It does not take in consideration different abilities of the different people. It is not a challenge any more, but sadistic and humiliating smacking a student on the nose every time he or she fails. Nagging and punishment are not very smart techniques to encourage studying. Pity!


It is no such thing - many errors en Russian. This is my native language. I cannot imagine how brave you are for starting to learn it. My respect to you


I have to agree. The new system is precisely WHY I won't be paying for the app - or using it all, more like. To think, I would have paid just to support what used to be a decent language learning application. You guys just "innovated" your way out of my yearly subscription. Good job!


I've been enjoying the new system. It causes me to work harder. You are always allowed to do practice sessions and strengthen previous sections. Each time you do that, it increases your strength so you don't have to spend money. Also, I've found that if I get something wrong and lose strength, it's not because of something new they're trying to teach me in that particular lesson, it's because I'm not remembering something I should already know. So really, it's helping us realize we should be practicing more than just jumping into new lessons!


Fine for you. But as you (and Duolingo's owners) will see from the vast majority of the comments here, not fine for most people.

If it were possible to choose to be locked out of lessons if you make a "mistake", fine, you could use that learning model. It's not a learning model I'd ever use or choose.


Use Memrise and find a native speaker to talk with daily. It’s way more practical than Duolingo


Totally agree with you ... who are these people?


What could these Duolingo people possibly be thinking?

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Yes, Duolingo sucks. And they’d better do something about it! Yesterday I was at 462 days, had 145 crowns, and 236 points. Today I am zeroed out! What the ❤❤❤❤?!


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It ha stopped me attempting lessons regularly like I had been doing. It stops the flow and you can learn through mistakes. Make too many here and your lessons stop which is not good for learning.


I hate this app. No one to contact. Difficult getting anywhere to ask a personal question. i am mad

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