"A coborî cu doi cai este ușor."

Translation:To come down with two horses is easy.

June 11, 2017

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Este ciudat. It's weird.


I'm confused about this sentence... Can't understand the meaning(


I'm trying to figure out why anyone thinks it's easy to take two horses down a hill... It's certainly not easy in the densely wooded hills all around my home...


Never says hill, might be talking about a staircase


That sounds so much harder...


Asked my Romanian girlfriend: no its just a strange sentence.


Here's a question for the native speakers: when pronouncing 'coborî' on its own, the 'î' sounds like the German 'u', but in a sentence it sounds like the Russian 'ы' (or a deep throat 'ee'). Is that a pronouncer bug or does the sound actually change?


Its typical sound is just like Russian ы but it might sound a bit different in context. The text-to-speech Duo uses for Romanian is really bad though so I wouldn't trust it.


...you don't know the steep hills in Rumania


In English I would probably have said, ' to get down (the hill/track) with two horses is easy'. Even when a sentence does seem strange it helps me learn. For example, 'The man eats ice cream and mustard for breakfast!'.


The stupid new voice just leaves out the "cu"... This is getting ridiculous


What does this even mean??? I get it, Duolingo often has weird sentences: "I talk with the rooster" or "Does the man eat spiders?" But this does not mean anything.

I thought it must be "to come down off of two horses is easy," because, you know, at least that makes sense. I know cu means with, but I also know that prepositions don't always translate literally, so I figured I'd go for the answer that MAKES SOME SENSE.

Sorry. End rant.


You are somewhere high. You will move to somewhere low. You will do so either carrying or accompanied by two horses. It's not hard to do. Maybe the horses were up a tree? Maybe the service elevator in the building is big enough for an owl and two horses?

Yeah it's confusing. Confusing sentences are not great examples, unlike the fanciful sentences.


Yeah, I went with "To dismount from two horses is easy" like dismounting in gymnastics. But nope, I see this is just a weird sentence.


Do we really need here this kind of sentences that half of us do not understand at all? If the problem were linguistic, ok, or cultural, again ok, but on the basis of the comments it simply seems nonsense.


Nonsense sentences with talking animals or whatever are fine. Confusing sentences like this one don't help at all.


Weird sentences stick better in our minds :) the sentence might not make any sense but you won't soon forget it


Nonsensical albeit grammatically correct English sentences certainly don't help me, although I can see at least one of us found it useful.


To come up with an explanation is hard.


Simply carry one horse in each hand as you descend. With three horses it's not so easy.


Is it a proverb or something?


I have a question to natives - is it just a fanny sentence or some hidden sense here?


Careful with your English. In American English a fanny is a butt. But in other countries it's a body part only women have.


Does anyone know what this sentence means in any language?


Please Duolingo, replace the person developing the course and the speaking voice as soon as possible. I think a lot of people give up because of that ... I'm about to!


This is wasting time


what's this frase supposed to mean??


Looks like they wanted to express something like descending a mountain with two horses.


Why the ❤❤❤❤ two horses when to do that with one horse looks hard


my girlfriend owns an apartment that has a bunch of old furniture and pictures that came from the previous owner of the apartment. One picture on the wall is of a guy -- IIRC -- standing on two horses, with one leg on the back of each, and holding reins for each horse, and obviously they're traveling.

Maybe they mean something like that.


That would be coming down from or off two horses though.


It would be more productive to have to translate sentences that could be used in normal conversation !!! Non sensical (and I'm being educated, (I could use more ad hoc words!) does not help! Besides it is a loss of time traying to make sense!!

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