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Please Please Please Remove the Health bar From iOS. It is Intensely Discouraging.

The title sums it up. I used to find Duolingo fun. Now it feels like I'm taking a test in school. This is really making me feel very discouraged. I've hardly use the app since it appeared on my phone recently which is a shame because I used to use it everyday. It was relaxing to do a few lessons, now it gives me a little anxiety. I'm considering deleting the app now and I get the feeling that I am not the only one that feels this way.

June 11, 2017



Health isn't available on the website, so you can simply use the PC version instead of iOS to avoid the health system. I've never experienced the health feature before, but many people have stated that it is discouraging. It can be helpful though since it discourages users to rush through skills, forgetting most of the new material they learned quickly.


Thats cool except Ive been learning french and german while doing things like riding the train, waiting in lines, eating a sandwich, etc. Quiet frankly, I don't have the time of day 5 days of the week to sit in front of my computer and not work. Thats a 30 minute to hour chunk of my evening gone doing an activity i was able to squeeze in between my other daily activities. That and the health bar regardless has taken away my five minutes relaxation while I'm in between things. I'm an Anthropologist by training, that being said, those instincts say these guys really need to do a field study on how app users us the app on a day to day basis. Their quantitative app data won't give them qualitative data.

Guess I did have more to say, Thanks for bringing that up.


Use the browser of your cellphone to enter the website, they have a mobile version without health. Just forget the app :) .


Definitely better than the app with health but my Android browser doesn't resize well. It's a lot of extra scrolling. When it comes to Droid I'm done with Duo. In the meantime I recommend going to Apple store and rating app a 1 with note about health and if you Facebook or tweet bring it up there also


My take is that it is there for a reason and will never go away. Use the web version while it's still on lingots.

[deactivated user]

    Everyone is 100% correct when they say that using the website via a P.C. you do not encounter the same issues as you do with the app, in its various forms. What must be taken into account is that most people are not able to use a P.C. whilst sat on a sofa or laying in bed, which is probably the most common way people study. Using the app.


    Doesn't it only apply to new lessons? Can you still review old ones without feeling like school?

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