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"Eu adoraria ir com você, mas eu não tenho dinheiro."

Translation:I would love to go with you, but I do not have money.

March 21, 2014



"(...) but I don't have any money" should be accepted.


I don't have "got" money? Can someone please tell me I'm not going crazy when I think this is beyond bad English?


Sounds even worse than a google translate.


"I haven't any money" was marked wrong, but it is identical in meaning to "I have no money".


Duo is weird with contractions - sometimes they're accepted and sometimes they're not. Furthermore, "I haven't any money" is definitely more British-English sounding than American-English (which I think Duo has its guidelines set by).


This made me think of a poker table scene: "I would love to match you, but I do not have money." My answer was not accepted.

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