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Japanese fluency.

In the Andriod application all the languages have fluency level except Japanese, why?

June 11, 2017



They really should get rid of the fluency feature altogether. It's inaccurate and misleading.

[deactivated user]

    I don't think that the course needs it anyways. Japanese is such a vast language and Duolingo barely covers the surface. The 'fluency level' would just be depressing seeing it so low, even after completing the tree.


    The web version doesn't show the fluency score yet either.

    I would like to see the fluency score added for the Japanese course too, even if they are as completely meaningless as people always say. (I'm supposedly 59% fluent in English—according to the JA→EN course—even though I'm from England, haha.)


    I wouldn't worry about it, I don't pay attention to it anyway as the fluency meter isn't accurate to begin with.


    I think duolingo is a platform that allows you to get your feet wet in a language. Never to utilize as the only resource for learning new languages. I hope they increase the tree for Japanese as well.


    Japanese is brand new. There most likely isn't a fluency algorithm set in place. The fluency measurement is highly inaccurate, and really has no accurate account as to how much of a language you know. There are countless other factors that go into that.


    How can you do Japanese when it isn't finished?


    Japanese is already available on iOS and android, so you need a tablet or a phone to access it


    It's only 68% done for me!! That's 32% to go!!


    They made a post about how it'll remain at that 68% until they finish a module they added at the last minute, but in actuality it's like 99% done. They explained it better on the incubator page for Japanese.


    You have it for Russian? I think it's only available for the six original languages, Swedish, and Danish (not that its good for anything anyway).


    I used to have it in French, but I restarted a few months later, and now I don't when I started again. AND I can't see my stream. And it's not just me, one of my newer friends can't see my stream either, but a older friend of mine can!


    They're rolling out a new implementation of the website. I could write messages on people's streams until about two hours ago. Now I've got the new website, and I can't anymore.


    thank you! You get 2 Lingots.


    that was really helpful.


    I'm now following you.


    it not very accurate anyway.

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