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Duo please remove the fluency meter - it's meaningless

[deactivated user]

    To the developers of duo - please remove the fluency meter. NOBODY understands what it measures, how it measures, etc. The numbers don't seem to reflect any level of activity that the users are doing. How many times do we need to read posts where "I gilded my tree and my fluency went down!"?? Fact of the matter is fluency is a measure of talking speed which is really hard to measure when most activities are typed. Worse yet, the mic exercises can be turned off. How on earth do you measure fluency when the one thing NOT being measured is speaking? The meter means nothing.

    If you must give us some sort of feedback on our progress, how about something that is quantifiable? Like a measure of tree completion? A message "You are 27.3% completed in Spanish"... Maybe replace fluency with lessons remaining? "You have completed X lessons out of Y total. You have Z lessons remaining." How about a percentage of subjects that are golden? "Your completed lessons are 73% golden." You see, those are all scripts that leave NOTHING to wonder and they remove all doubt. Since the advent of the fluency meter there is only confusion and the resulting number means NOTHING.

    Please remove this pointless feature.

    June 11, 2017



    Quite agree about the stupid "fluency" number, but you "gild" a tree. Gelding is quite a different thing...


    Gelding a tree would be physically impossible, I should think. Unless it was a very special type of tree...


    This comment made my day.


    I think it would be way nicer if they replaced the fluency shield with actual statistics about a language you're studying. For example total amount of time spent studying the language on duolingo, amount of words learnt, number of sentences written etc.


    I know. They removed plenty of stuff that people actually used and liked (translation, activity stream, words lists, etc), but kept the worthless, meaningless so-called fluency shield. I've never paid it any attention.


    YES!!!! It is driving me crazy!!


    It really has nothing to do with fluency. It confuses people that are new to studying languages. There are so many factors that you can't get off of Duolingo that are vital to studying a language. The algorithm doesn't work at all,either.


    My thoughts are with you on this one; the fluency measurement is very bothersome. It's also inaccurate, so I would advise you to simply ignore it. There is, in fact, a userscript that hides the fluency percentage, which can be found on the Duolingo Wiki's userscript page.


    Misleading the user into believing they are as good as a native is the whole point of the fluency meter. You really think they will remove it. The day they remove that is the day they remove the streaks. It won't happen.


    Just ignore it or install the third-party extension so that you don't have to see it if it bothers you excessively.


    With the new site. It broke all of the scripts. And even if they did work. It still popups after lessons. It still misleads users. It's still highly inaccurate.

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