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Donating to Duolingo

I've completed a course and want to donate to Duolingo. Thing is, I trust the security of my computer better than my phone, so I want to do it there.

I can't find a link to let me donate to Duolingo on my computer. This seems like an oversight.

The link is not on the help page saying Duolingo is free (which it should be). It does not have its own help page, at least not one that pops up high in the search results. There is no link on my profile, in my settings, or at the bottom of a completed course.

1) Where can I go to donate?

2) Duolingo, if you want to raise funds, you might consider adding an easy-to-find link to your interface! It's easy to find in the phone app, but not on computer!

June 11, 2017



There is no way to donate to Duolingo. You can however, subscribe for a monthly fee to Duolingo Plus on your mobile device which will give you access to Duolingo ad-free for a month.


Seriously? I don't want to do a monthly fee, but I would genuinely like to donate a three-figure amount for classes rendered.


Seriously, if you work there, please boot this up the chain. This could be losing the company a source of revenue. There must be other people who strongly dislike the idea of monthly billing, but who do wish to give something back.


I would but I don't work for Duolingo, sorry!


I set up a PayPay account so that I have more security in buying things on the web. It is more secure and I never have to give my CC over an unsecured line.


I think you can do Duolingo Plus but I'm not sure how you can do it.


It's only on mobile, and maybe not even android.


If you want to on your phone, you could always buy gems. It wouldn't technically be donating unless you never really use the app version.


I never want to enter my CC or banking info on my phone.


Gems would be on iOS and I assume you would be buying them through the normal Apple Store method.

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