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Extended streak freeze: geometric lingot cost model

Like many others, I would like to see Duo offer an extended streak freeze option. The ultimate goal is to learn a language, but for some, the added motivation of maintaining a streak aids in that pursuit.

To that end, I propose an extended streak freeze model based on a geometric progression of lingot cost where the multiplier is 2. Day 1 = 10 lingots, day 2 = 20 lingots, day 3 = 40 lingots, etc. Using that model, a 10 day streak freeze would cost 5120 lingots.

This model would offer an extended streak buffer to Duolinguists whose robust lingot coffers confirm their dedication to language learning, but it avoids the multi-hundred day streak freeze that would be possible under a self-renewing 10 lingot per day model.

What say you, Duo?

June 11, 2017



Interesting idea. I'd be curious to know how many of those of us with long streaks really care so much about preserving them. I could easily afford your 10 day streak, but I'm not sure that I'd care to do so. To me, the streak is something that's hard to escape - it's easy enough to maintain at home with a normal work schedule. But if I was travelling somewhere and couldn't connect, it would be a great opportunity for the streak to die, which it needs to do at some point, and I'd personally find that kind of liberating.


I agree that after a point, being "chained" to the streak can be burdensome. But for someone trying to reach a goal, be it 100 days, 500 days, gold hall of fame or whatever, it might be a nice option when unable to log in due to travel, power outage, etc.


I can confirm, it's very liberating for the streak to die. I had a streak going for more than two years and enough lingots to keep it going for another year, just on streak freezes. At some point, most of my language learning shifted from online to real life (which was definitely a good thing), and Duolingo became more of a chore some days. But since I had the streak, I had to keep it going! Then I took a long weekend to visit a friend, and was so busy having fun that I forgot to meet my daily goal or buy another streak freeze. When I got home Monday, I went to do Duolingo, but wasn't super motivated. When I saw I had lost my streak, it was a weight off my shoulders. I've kept doing Duolingo, of course, but now it's only because I want to, never because I feel like I have to. Overall, I'm happier without the streak.


Try it :-) I had something like 1200 days. It had become too much of a burden to take care of, even with the pathetic 1 XP daily goal. Then I took it off life support. The main drawback now is that on days I get to doing a practice, the silly 1 day flame pops up. It serves mostly as a reminder not to let it get out of hand ever again.

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