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So I have completed all the achievements on the mobile version (yay me!), but I'm kind of confused as to why they don't appear on the desktop version of Duolingo. Is there a glitch or something? If not, can this somehow be added to the Duolingo experience? Just a suggestion....

June 11, 2017



Yeah so far they are only available in the mobile apps. But they really are kind of worthless you don't get a reward or anything for unlocking all of them. When they first came out with them I had all but two or three unlocked already.


My take is they're trying out a new business model on the app, and have not yet implemented it on the desktop. That's just my guess.


I've completed all the achievements except the time zone one after being here for about a week. I'm surprised there are no achievement in the list that one needs to strive for for some time but only very basic ones.


wow in a week. it’s been a month and I still got 4 left. the 30-streak, winning the weekly club contest, getting all the skills of a course, and spending the lingots. I think spending lingots will take the longest, because I’m only buying the double or nothing, the club win might tale some time too, we have quite dedicated people.

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