Akós Kovacs Kaland a régi királlyal Text

I bought this from audible and have been listening to it picking out the odd bit but having the text to follow would be great, or a translation. I can't find a book with that title listed on Amazon and wondered if it is one of Krúdy's other books with a changed title.

There doesn't seem to be more infrmation available in English so if a Hungarian speaker could help I would appreciate it. Ideally I would like to download a copy or buy a paper copy.

I really like Akos's voice., both spoken and his music, an album of which I also bought.

June 11, 2017


As I see, "Kaland a régi királlyal" is a collection of novellas from Krúdy.

At first try I could not find all of it, just some small pieces:

A reggeliző hölgyhöz:


Audio by Ákos:
(This video is only part of the text)

I found the book Szindbád for free online It is not the same, but maybe there is a chapter that was also in the audio :P

June 11, 2017
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