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  5. "きょ年けっこんしました。"


Translation:I got married last year.

June 11, 2017



Surely 'Last year I got married' is correct, no?


Yes, report it when you come across valid word order differences like that :)




don't congratulate Duo; wish them luck


It is so messed up that きょう means today but きょねん is last year.


Not really, because きょう & きょ are not the same.


今日 today, 去年 last year. See the difference?


Me too Duo! high five


"I married last year" is wrong?


"marry" is a transitive verb, so it requires a direct object.


Uh.. So is "got" that direct object? Makes no sence really. What is the meaning of a transitive verb?.. Is that a verb that can be either a noun or a verb? I have often heard it said like, "I married". "I got married" "I married that person." "I got married to that person." "You married who?" "You got married to whom?"


"To marry" is not the same as "to get married".

A transitive verb is one that takes a direct object, without any preposition needed in between (e.g. "to need"; you can't say "he needed" or "I needed" without specifiying what is needed after it). An intransitive verb, then, is one that does not take a direct object (e.g. "to wonder"; you can't say "he wondered the trip").

Technically, there is a form of "marry" that is intransitive (it's identical to "to wed")... but I'd say it's far less common than the transitive forms; I think it'd generally be considered archaic. "To get married" is also a common expression; "I got married last year" would be fine.


Yes. It is wrong. 'I married last year' sounds like either you literally married 2018, the year, OR someone named 'last year'. You cannot just say 'I married' - you need to say Who (or what) you married. eg. I married my boyfriend, I married my cat etc


My native Japanese tutor told me 昨年(さくねん) is far more common than 去年(きょねん). Does anyone know if it's a regional thing or a preference thing or...?


I don't know the answer, but I'm definitely more used to 昨年. 去年 bothers me because I think of 今日, like it should mean "this year". But I know that's 今年/ことし.


So I did some looking after I posted this. 去年 is a bit less formal and more common in speech. 昨年 is a little more formal and is more common in writing and business speak.


So this is why he doesnt have a gf


What's the difference between 先年(せんねん)、去年(去年)and 昨年(さくねん)?


去年 is a bit less formal and more common in speech. 昨年 is a little more formal and is more common in writing and business speak. 先年 is more like "a few years ago" or "previous years".


Oh....ok But you had a girlfriend and a boyfriend...... THIS IS GETTING MORE AND MORE MESSED UP IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT


For the French passing by, un moyen mémo technique: "qué con" de se marier! Voilà, c'est bien stupide mais vous vous en souviendrez! ^^


Last year, I got married

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