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So how often do you guys use new "Tiny Cards" ?

I kind of dislike the fact that flashcards are now a separate web platform. The progress is separated so things are disjointed. Tiny cards lack the motivation as it doesn't track your progress as experience. But cant help as it is the fastest way to quickly go through all the words you have learned. What is your idea?

June 11, 2017



I haven't tried it until now. What a mess!

So much animation and sound and so little integration. This should be totally integrated in the normal duolingo platform and easily keep track of what words from that I need to review so I can easily select to practice "all words I've seen", "all words I need to strengthen", "words from icon so-and-so" and things like that. As it is now I can't see myself using it but rather going back and creating Anki lists for words I have trouble learning (which feels like it should be an unneccesary step since I am already on a language-learning site but it works a lot better).


Where applicable for learning (non Duolingo) natural languages Tiny Cards can (could) be (very) useful to learn e.g. the alphabet or characters of languages (Arabic, Chinese, ...).


You got a point mate. Still they should have integrate it to this site. Just my opinion.


Tried it a few times. Hated it. Tells me I'm wrong when I'm right. No explanations, no carryover to Duolingo. More irritating than anything.


Exactly, the fact that it is not linked to Duolingo is the major problem to me.


If it should be linked to Duolingo then changes would be very much slower, if any changes at all.

Now users basically can build in TinyCards whatever they want (e.g. in all kind of languages that Duolingo still does not support) and that is also happening, so from that perspective it is maybe even some kind of (big) advantage.


In such a case they should have let the old card system stay with this (original) site. So users can keep using it. After all, it was working perfectly without any major issues.

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