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german fluency percentage

When I completed the test of my knowledge of German at the very beginning, when I just took the course, I was given 44% fluency. In the next couple of months I did some progress and was almost constantly revising stuff... and watched my fluency drop to 27%. Today I revised one lesson — and was placed on 28. One more lesson (today, too!) — 29. Another revision brought me on 30. Anybody experiencing something similar? I heard there were some weird changes after the last update...

June 11, 2017



Not that it's hard to trust the fluency percentage, but it's a totally random number! Don't bother looking at it or even thinking about it... Just ignore it.


It is hard to trust the fluency percentage.


I don't trust it, I am just annoyed and puzzled! :D


Ignore it like most of us do!


As others have said, it is a number not to be trusted.

But in answer to you question, I've never seen fluency drop significantly as long as I'm practicing. I was however stuck at 30% for the longest time. At least a month. Then this past week it suddenly took off and is now at 44%. Even I know that's a massively inflated number.


I had problems using the Android app, started using the website and my fluency score went up dramatically. I certainly didn't get better that fast. It was just my score.


Yeah, I also have some problems with the app, so I had to switch to the laptop :/


I've taken the test too. It said that my fluency is 64% and now I am only at 62% . But I don't care...


Which test is this?


When you add a new course you can choose your path. You can start at the basics or make the placement test.


Oh, right. That was so long ago, I forgot. I remember going back and starting at the beginning anyway.

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