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  5. "そのつくえはいくらですか?"


Translation:How much is that desk?

June 11, 2017



Why are we buying a desk in a resturaunt?


Or, what are you doing in a restaurant? The rest of us are at a furniture store here :p


It's IKEA. Get your Swedish meatballs and then shop for furniture.


Maybe you're opening a restaurant and need a desk in your office.


Should this be "how much is THAT desk?"


机 is desk and テーブル is table. Now I get it.


Why doesn't this offer "that" as a word?!?!


My guess is..."sore" can be translated as "the" as well as "that", depending on context. For example, we might say "the" in English rather than "that" when it's obvious what we're referring to is one specific thing in the other person's possession--like if someone was having a garage sale and you ask them "How much for the futon?" rather than "How much for THAT futon?" when it's the only futon at the sale. Any fluent Japanese speakers, correct me if I'm wrong.


I believe it's because kore and sore show position relevant to you, so like you say it doesn't always translate directly to this and that, but rather the specific desk would be obvious from its position in the room during the conversation.


I am wrong in answering this as "How much for that desk?"

It's essentially the exact same as saying "How much is that desk?" I don't get it.


その is the or that? Also why are people talking about sore? They change the exercise?


"Kono" is "this, beside me". "Ano" is "that". "Sore" is "this, beside you". So "that" will be not 100% correct word. But as we know exactly which table, the most correct translation for Duolingo is "the".


Ok, I'm confused. Why are we talking about desks in a restaurant themed lesson? Is つくえ also the word for a booth or something of that sort?


In this case, please someone explain how to use "ano, sono" and "are, sore'


I explained on the second comment


The desk? It should be that desk.


"How much is that table" was marked as wrong?


Why cant " That desk is how much" be an appropriate answer?


Why isnt table accepted eirher?


How did i get this sentence without having been previously taught what "desk" and "how much is" were in japanese


did i just hear someone sneeze?!


I don't want to buy desks and chairs any more. Why didn't they introduce words like kutsu (shoes), kaban (bag), kasa (umbrella), shatsu (shirt), or maybe pen (pen), enpitsu (pencil), or food like ringo (apple), ichigo (strawberry), sakuranbo (cherry), or drinks like juusu (jiuce), biiru (beer), early? Also, they already introduced pan and mizu, so why do they always only ask about desks and chairs? It would be so much more fun if there were more different sentences to translate.

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