"Die Leiter kommen."

Translation:The leaders are coming.

March 4, 2013

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Could this not be translated as "The ladders are coming"? As if someone is building a house and need multiple ladders...

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    • the leaders = die Leiter

    • the ladders = die Leitern


    Thank you. I could not tell the difference from the drop down.


    Die Leiter kommen- is indeed leaders in this situation because of kommen. The verb is the infinitive/plural form, so the associated noun is the plural. Die Leiter is indeed a ladder, but *only in the singular (die Leitern is the plural).

    Die Leiter is also the plural for der Leiter - the leader, chair, director (movie), chief, etc. Interesting parallel with the phrase "climbing the corporate ladder", nicht wahr? Am I climbing the ladder to get to be the leader?

    Imagine recognizing this at the speed of spoken German. Easy-peasy, cough cough.......

    Viel Spaß, viel Glück und lächle weiter!


    I tried to translate Die Leiter as The bosses with incorrect outcome. Does the word der Leiter mean leader only of lets say country and not at work where i thought the boss should be a synonym?


    Boss is Chefin/ Chefinnen for women and Chef/ Chefs for men.

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