"Die Leiter kommen."

Translation:The leaders are coming.

March 4, 2013

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Could this not be translated as "The ladders are coming"? As if someone is building a house and need multiple ladders...

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    • the leaders = die Leiter

    • the ladders = die Leitern


    Thank you. I could not tell the difference from the drop down.


    Then they shouldn't give "ladder" as a meaning for "Leiter" in the dropdown

    [deactivated user]

      That's how dictionaries work.


      Besides, if you only see the word "Leiter" it could be either leader or ladder. You'd need to know its gender to find out what it is.


      Die Leiter kommen- is indeed leaders in this situation because of kommen. The verb is the infinitive/plural form, so the associated noun is the plural. Die Leiter is indeed a ladder, but *only in the singular (die Leitern is the plural).

      Die Leiter is also the plural for der Leiter - the leader, chair, director (movie), chief, etc. Interesting parallel with the phrase "climbing the corporate ladder", nicht wahr? Am I climbing the ladder to get to be the leader?

      Imagine recognizing this at the speed of spoken German. Easy-peasy, cough cough.......

      Viel Spaß, viel Glück und lächle weiter!


      I tried to translate Die Leiter as The bosses with incorrect outcome. Does the word der Leiter mean leader only of lets say country and not at work where i thought the boss should be a synonym?


      Boss is Chefin/ Chefinnen for women and Chef/ Chefs for men.

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