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How to link to a specific comment in a discussion thread:

Someone asked this in a discussion thread and I thought I would share my answer that I gave to them, I was very curious when they asked, so I googled it and compiled my answer from a couple sources and some poking around. I imagine other people will be curious as well.

From the thread:

Instructions : 1. Right Click on the comment.

  1. Select "Select Element"

  2. Find the the comment's ID it should be very close by if you've inspected the comments element.

  3. Append the threads original html with #comment (or nested-comment if it is nested)-ID number

This is the example I used :

Your nested comment has id "nested-comment-22976731" This thread is http://www.duolingo.com/comment/989291/ Your comment is linked to via


Extra info:

This works best with Firefox. Screenshot that include all of the information above: http://imgur.com/a/Mf9pW

June 11, 2017



I was able to follow your instructions, thanks. However, I have since noticed that the time indicator to the right of the give lingot ("1 WEEK AGO", "JUST NOW", or "2 YEARS AGO", for example) seems to be a direct link to the comment.


Oh my goodness, thank you for pointing that out! So much more convenient to get the link from there :)


Oh, that is convenient!


Thanks for telling how to get the comment id's!

Using /#nested-comment- doesn't seem to work for me. But if I put $comment_id= immediately after the comment number, then it does. This is also the format used in the comment-specific links that show up in the notification bell. I'm using Chrome, incidentally.


That's interesting, I am not an IT person I wonder why it seems to be so browser specific. I normally use Safari which this techniques works, but not always, which I find to be confusing. Thank you for sharing your Chrome experience.

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