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zum, zur, zun (to the)


Can I use these words in the following sentences?

Sie geht zum Markt/Park; Sie geht zum Schlafzimmer; Sie geht zur Stadt; Sie geht zun Kindern.

On google translate, I get the following instead:

Sie geht auf den Markt, in den Park, ins schlafzimmer, in die Stadt, zu den Kindern.

While these must be right, the usages are unfamiliar to me right now. So do the words I learnt work as well?

Thank you

June 11, 2017



zur is zu der contracted. zum is zu dem contracted. zun doesn't exist. It has to be zu den.

That being said, you can say zum Markt, zum Park, zum Schlafzimmer, zur Stadt. But that implies that you don't actually enter that place, you just go next to it. Those Google sentences are the correct ones for entering.

It's best to learn "place nouns" along with prepositions. In German you go into a city, into a park, onto a market, into a room.


But on wiki and all other sites, zur/zum/zun are used to say u are going to a place.. and then obviously arriving at/ entering it.. like look at the usage notes on this page


In fact, according to the article, this word specifically suggests that u reach the destination, unlike nach.

Plus zun exists... its on wiktionary's article on zu.. please take a look...


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