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kein ending confused

Why is Ich habe kein Handtuch' notIch habe keines Handtuch' when this statement is accusative?

June 11, 2017



Because the Akkusativ neuter is "ein, kein"

"eines, keines" would be Genitiv

Assuming you are talking about the article.

If you are talking about the pronoun, it can be "keines", but a pronoun replaces a noun, instead of going next to it. So the sentence could be:

Hast du ein Handtuch?

Ich habe keines/keins.


Thank you. Vielen Dank.


So it is also to do with Hantuch being a noun whereas `Ich habe keinen Hunger' is not Ich habe kein Hunger because Hunger is an adjective.


no, Hunger is a noun too. It is "Ich habe keinen Hunger" because Hunger is masculine.

Here are the indeterminate Akkusativ articles:

m: einen, keinen (Hunger)

f: eine, keine

n: ein, kein (Handtuch)

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