"Mwalimu ni mwanamke mtanzania."

Translation:The teacher is a Tanzanian woman.

June 11, 2017

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shouldn't female tanzanian be the same as tanzanian woman..? Is there a difference?


It's not natural English. Who says "female Tanzanian"? It sounds like a nature documentary and you don't regard Tanzanian women as humans.

Also, I'm not clear if mwanamke is this specific, but a" woman" is not simply a female person but an adult female human - not a child.


Plus, to be correct "female Tanzanian" would be "mtanzania wa kike" and I agree with AGreatUserName that it is very unnatural.


My answer is exactly right and yet every time I'm told its incorrect. I cant get past this point. Must be a bug in the app.


Only because of missing the capital t??

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