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90 Day Challenge Week 1 Updates

Hey guys! For those of you who have been doing your 90 day Duolingo challenge, how has it been going? Post your updates below!

I made a video about what I learned and noticed about Polish from my first week using Duolingo: https://youtu.be/0Umutw4JMQw

I was informed by the app that I learned 250 words. I got up to the first set of verbs in the present tense and I can now say some things that are relevant to what I would talk about such as "I speak English", "I like cats and dogs", and talk a little about what I'm wearing. What have you learned/can say? What have you noticed about the languages that you're studying?

For anyone who didn't follow the thread from last week and wants to know what this challenge is about, you can read more here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22916328

Good luck learning (:

June 11, 2017



I haven't used absolutely no outside sources at all for Japanese, but since Japanese doesn't put spaces between the words, and the Duolingo word boxes for Japanese don't necessarily correspond to words, being totally, totally Duolingo only there would be pretty intense. That said, my use of outside sources has been minimal.

With that preamble, I've learned quite a lot, I think. Being generally aware of the fact that particles exist in Japanese, I've gotten an idea of how to use the basic ones for some basic sentence types. I can remember for at least brief periods of time how to ask for a few kinds of food and to say I do or don't eat those foods, and how to say I do or don't speak English and Japanese. With a bit more review, I'll be able to tell time, at least for the even hours. Mostly, I was just happy I sort of figured out the pattern of the particles for the basic sentences I've seen so far. People seem to think Japanese would be impossible to figure out without more targeted grammar references, but I think it's going ok. Maybe my experience learning languages with cases and non-SOV word order helps.

Where does the app tell you how many words you've learned? I'm on iOS and have never seen anything like that.


That's great that you're learning a lot and getting the hang of particles! If you decide to study Korean sometime, it'll be easier because of word order and particle use. I studied Japanese on my own a few years ago and learned about particles, word order, and how to conjugate verbs. It has helped me with Korean! I really want to try out the Japanese course eventually but I think it's still not available yet for Android = (correct me if I'm wrong)

I'm not sure how it works where Duolingo notifies you how many words you learned. I got one of those daily reminder notifications on my phone and it said something along the lines of "You've learned 250 words in Polish..." I'll take a screenshot if I get anymore notifications like that!


Japanese is available for Android; I think it's been rolled out to everyone although I'm not sure. As it happens, I've learned how to access the Words tab for Japanese, and I've learned 256 words.


I haven't noticed these challenges yet, but I may attempt this with the Czech course. I don't want to start a new language yet because I'm fine with the ones I have, and since I've already started them there's no point. But I'll be doing Czech so when it comes out I'll give this a go.


That would be cool! Keep me updated on how that goes when the course comes out and you start! I'd love to know!


Have been busy as of late (school and horseback riding), but now am fully back to studying Russian. I learn something new almost everyday. Found a few outside sources to practice my Russian with, and it's getting better over time. I study both offline and online, so there are some words/sentences that I know offline that I haven't learnt online :)

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