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Help with English to Japanese Course (Bug)

Recently I was going to start a French Course on my Tablet, however, I accidentally selected Japanese. Now, my account is acting very strange and I am basically locked out of it. On my Tablet, after trying to get out of learning Japanese, now Duolingo has a white screen and will not function. I tried to get on with my computer, however, there was no luck because currently Japanese is not available on Computer. I went to try my phone. All looked fine, except when I tried to start French it would then ask me how I wanted to learn Japanese. I tried to opt out of learning the course but I'm not sure how. Can anyone help?

EDIT: I forgot to mention something. The whole "locked out" bug it also occurring on computer, however, I am able to get out of it. Basically, it says "Japanese currently isn't available on computer yet. Want to wait and try a different course?" whenever I go to another page on Duolingo, it always redirects me to that one. I eventually got out of it by selecting to learn Spanish, which made it stop redirecting me. But eventually, it will start doing the redirect sooner or later.

June 12, 2017



Force close the app on your tablet then on the computer choose french, and also on tablet. Hope that helps. I'm doing Japanese on android and Spanish on pc (which doesn't support Japanese yet) so I know what you're talking about.


Thank you. Hopefully they can fix this

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