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Duolingo is helping me after TBI

Thank you Duolingo, you are helping me regain my language ability. A year ago I was hit by a semi-truck when it went through the intersection on a red light. I got a concussion. The first month after the accident I could speak no more than 4 words consecutively before my brain either blanked or a Spanish or French word came to mind. (English is my first language, but I had previously studied French, Spanish and Chinese) I was overjoyed to find Duolingo. The repetition helps, as do the "weak words", and even though I forget some of the things and review them again and again, I have noticed that my recall of English has gotten better. I think by inputting the foreign languages into my brain I have been forming new pathways for my native language. I really enjoy Duolingo and have been telling everyone about it. I look forward to practicing it every day. Thank you again. On a good note: It was not that bad of an accident I walked away with some brain damage, but I am doing fine. Now, if I could only find a Calculus and Differential Equations app like yours I could reintroduce the math I once knew and stimulate the other hemisphere of my brain.

June 12, 2017



Congratulations on overcoming such a serious injury. A friend of mine suffered the same problem after a stroke. He has pretty much recovered all his speech now, but occasionally can't remember a word.

Using duolingo is a fantastic idea for helping this process. Good luck!

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Hey, thanks for your story, glad you're doing better. For math you might wanna try www.udacity.com or www.khanacademy.org .. while it's not like Duolingo (because it's math) they have pretty neat ways to explain things.


Thanks. I will try those. I need to work on math.


We could probably be friends. I was in a serious as accident as well (but my injuries were all physical). I am really glad to hear you recovered so well, and it seems like your brain is recovering quite nicely! I'm glad that Duolingo could help you along the way. I'm giving you a lingot for all that you've been through.

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