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Update/thanks Duolingo


In early April, I casually tried a lesson on Duolingo, and I didn't have much expectation at the start. The next day I did some more, then more... then even more... then I became a bit addicted, and now I have done virtually every lesson in the tree many times... I have been translating what I hear as well as what I see, which has definitely improved my listening. However, having done every subject here many times (revising all words and listening), I feel like I'm fairly good with almost all of the tree now, and that there's not much more to get out of here. It's also time to hear some human voices rather than the Duolingo robot.

Now, the next stage begins... the plan is to watch loads and loads and loads of videos (and even play games), talk on Skype and seek all possible opportunities to use the language (I do have family who can help)... and hopefully one day, with enough practice, I will eventually achieve my goal of fluency. I would like to give a big thanks to Duolingo for helping me get started in something I have always wanted but never thought I would even attempt! Without this site, I would still be English-only restricted... now at least I am working to fix that.

June 12, 2017



Awesome job! Yes, Duolingo can be a big life changer.


Thanks. Absolutely, I see it can and it's given me a lot of hope!


Thanks for sharing this nice post!


Félicications! So you're moving on from Duolingo? are you learning any other languages after French?


Yes, for now, although it's possible I will come back later if there's anything to revise. Currently, I have no plans to learn any more languages.

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