"Qual è il vostro totale?"

Translation:What is your total?

March 5, 2013

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I didn't get what it means.


It could refer to the total of points, to the total in a division/subtraction, to the total of a bill... Anyway, something that involves counting, maybe different people are trying to count without pen and paper and mobiles to count for them and since nobody can count anymore they drive crazy and don't know any more what could be the total result.

I wouldn't use this sentence on a regular basis, anyway. Like many here on Duo. ;)


Many of the sentences here are nonsensical or weird so that you remember them. In Dutch, for example, the senteces are hilarious. I don't think I will ever forget how to spell "banana" in Dutch because they had this "I am a banana" sentence that reduced me to tears along with the comments.


There is a game in Holland, called: 'Ben ik een banaan?' It is a well-known game where everybody is something and you have to ask the right questions to find out who you are. For many sentences here I feel they are a little weird, but mostly somebody who is an native speaker can explain them to me.


just like the "i am the cheese" norwegian sentence. still laughing because of this.


Yeah but many times they make me second guess myself because it doesnt make sense


Ahh, Duolingo, teaching people how to cheat on math tests..


I can’t hear the “il” at normal speed, only when I play the slowed-down audio.

Is this correct? Are the articles before possessives sometimes barely pronounced, or not pronounced at all?


Seriously, "qual" can mean how much or how many here. But you get dinged, unless you write "what".


Perhaps "qual" can mean all those things, but in English, you can only say "WHAT is your total". "How much is your total or "How many is your total" are simply NOT CORRECT English. Wait- actually, I misspoke. If there are many totals on a page, and different people arrived at different totals, you COULD ask "Which is your total". But that is a sentence that would rarely be used.


I have heard and used "how much is your total"


I have also heard and used "how much" in this context, but for Duolingo, it is currently marked wrong.


quale = what, which, quante = how much, how many


Why qual rather than cosa here?


Audio for this one goes like "Qual el vostro totale". Reporting...


In my opinion, the context here is referring to the total price of something, like a meal or a purchase. So "how much is the total price?"


My question is - in this section it has this sentence twice. One time it says Qual' e il tuo totale? and the next time it says Qual' e il vostro totale? So how does a person that is just trying to lear Italian know when to use "tuo" or "vostro"


I guess someone asks their friends how much money they have left together at the moment, because he or she discovered something in a shop but doesn't carry enough cash right now. But the English sentence sounds odd to me.


why is it not using "Le Vostre Totale" ?

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Because it's "what is your total" and not "what are your totals".


I like the fact that Duo used the formal form of you. It seems to me that in all the Duo courses they use the informal you "tu" too frequently. As a foreigner in another country, you really wouldn't use tu unless you were speaking to a child!

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